Friday, October 12, 2012

So for those of you who have a family, knows how little time we have for even the littlest things like blogging. I haven't blogged in a year and a half, with having babies and kids in school, cooking, cleaning, and the other duties of motherhood, I've had no time to blog. But I've prioritized my time to make room for things I want to do. The best time saver for me has been planning my menus. I shop once a week, so I make a menu for a week, and most of my recipes are crock pot ones so even more time saved! This blog is mostly going to be a journal of sorts, just writing down what happens in our family. Today as been more challenging than most. Wyatt our 3 year old, took a late nap so he was up till 11:30 last night. I stayed up late scrubbing the floors in hopes of removing a nasty smell that some how I can't smell but my husband and oldest can smell. I didn't get to bed till 12am, then I was up @ 5:30am to get my husband off to work, got kids up for school @ 6:30, so the day goes on. I was so wiped out didn't get moving till almost 10... So my patience was all but gone. Then I did something dumb and told a friend I'd watch her 4 year old boy for a couple hours. I had no patience for that either but we made it through. Wyatt locked Tanner in the hall closet this morning and he had to go in the corner for it. Oh my goodness! That kid screamed and screamed I finally turned on the surround sound as loud as it would go. I so wanted to scream too! Tanner thought he was being left out so he started crying too! Wow we all had our tantrums today! So when it comes to bed time, I'm calling in early! Yeah right! Somehow Mother nature knew I would be grumpy today so she thought It'd be a great day to rain. Well I sure hope tomorrow is better! I shouldn't have gotten out of bed!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snow is falling down, falling down, falling down.

So we woke up this morning to white. Yep, it snowed, and continued to snow all day!!! We got about 6-8 inches of new snow. Now yesterday there was one tiny patch of snow in our backyard, so I beginning to ask myself what season is it really. Who decided when spring starts? Cause I bet HE (that's right it was probably a guy!) didn't live in Coalville! Here's how I would do it. Winter would run from November 1 through June 1. Summer would run from June 2 to September 2 and Fall would be from Sept. 2 to October 31. Yep, that's how the seasons run here! Well ok winter isn't that long here, maybe till May 31!!! It was sure fun to play in the snow the my kids today though! AND the best part was that it wasn't -9 degrees outside like it is in December and January. The snow was the perfect snowball making snow, powdery but easy to compact down into a snowball! We spent maybe 2 hours outside playing in it! Now if only it would melt faster than it falls, then I'd love the snow more! If I can ever figure out how to post pictures again, I'll show you the fun we had today! P.S. the one thing I don't like about the snow is how heavy it gets, the tree around our house droop so low it hangs on the power lines and worries me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Too much going on to blog

So I realized I haven't posted in 6 months. Wonder why. Oh that's because I have an 8 year old, a kindergartener and an 11 month old baby boy that demands my full attention all day long! That and I get on facebook more than here, so sorry for those who try to check up on our family. You can check us out on fb, however I haven't posted new pictures, tried but didn't work and haven't had the time to try again. I haven't gotten bit by the blogger bug yet. Just know that we think about you and your family and hope you all are doing well.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rees family pictures. Aug. 2009. Jessica 7 years old.

Lizzy 5 years old.
Wyatt 5 months old.

Rees Family.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lizzy's first day of school.
Jessica's first day of school.

So school has started. We now have two kids going to school. Jessica is in 2nd grade and Lizzy is in kindergarten. Before school started, I told Lizzy she couldn't go to school because I wouldn't have anyone at home to help me and she said, "Wyatt is here to help!" (Remember he is five months old). I told her she is my biggest helper and she can't grow up she has to stay five forever! She just rolled her eyes at me and said I was being silly. So Lizzy has afternoon kindergarten so all morning long she asks when she can go to school, "how much longer till I go to school," and so on. She is so excited that she can now go to school like her big sister Jessica. When school started for Jessica, it was a little rough at first for her. She came home not feeling well for two day in a row. We kept talking to her to find out why she wasn't feeling well. She finally told us that a girl at school wasn't being very nice to her. So we talked to her and gave her some ideas on how to deal with kids that aren't being nice. Since then she just ignores her and she is loving school. She is so smart, amazingly good at math and her reading is great! I wasn't involved as much last year in school so this year I've joined the PTA and volunteered to make their filers, I volunteer to read in Jessica's class, and maybe if I'm ambicious enough I'll volunteer to swim with Jessica's class. So far not too much to help with in Lizzy's class but that will change soon. I love that our girls are in school and love it!

Funny thing happened the day I took Lizzy to her first day of school. I gave her a hug and said bye, she then said to me after giving me a hug and a kiss..."mommy I'm going to miss you..." then she flicked her wrist and said, "nah, I won't," then walked away! I was speechless, but laughed to myself! She was looking forward to going to school for so long she was too excited to miss mommy! That's ok, I'm glad she was so excited!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summers always seem to be the busiest time of the year for us. Why is that? We have had a wonderful summer though. We went to Yellowstone one weekend, the very next weekend we went to Idaho, and the week after that was the fair. Then my mom and dad came to visit just a few days later. I love staying busy as long as it is a fun busy. School starts in 2 weeks. Jessica will be in 2nd grade and Lizzy will be in kindergarten. We live close to the school so I have to drive them. So every three hours I'll be at the school dropping kids off and picking them up. I wish I knew more people to carpool with. Oh well.
Our plans to build our house are going very slow. We won't get started on the actually building till next year sometime. Patience is something I've learned is needed when building. But blessings come to those who wait...right?
I have learned that both my little sister and brother are expecting their first baby at the beginning of next year. My sister is having a boy!!! Now Wyatt will have a buddy! My little brother will find out next month! And my sister-in-law is having a boy in September. So our little guy is going to have plenty of friends. I hope that my little brother gets a boy too!
Happy Days!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I didn't mind the rain when it first started, now I'm sick of it. It's driving my kids crazy that they can't play outside, which is driving me crazy! Bring on the sunshine PLEASE!!!